We re-imagine timeless aesthetics for a modern era, creating original prints and designing unique pieces that are accessible to all.


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Cash on Delivery

Payment method in which ordered goods are carried to the buyer's place but are handed over only upon full payment.

FREE Delivery

Your parcel is completely free Delivery.The islandwide free delivery service takes a maximum of eight working days.

FREE Return

If the dress you receive is not the size you requested or the dress you are requesting, we are obligated to deliver the dress you requested from our company free of charge within four or six days.

සිංහල පාරිභෝගික සහය

100% සිංහල පාරිබෝගික සහය සහ මගපෙන්වීම, සුහදශීලී සේවාව. විසිහතර පැය පුරාම ඔබ සඳහාම වෙන්වී ඇත.

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Use a past defeat as a motivator. Remind yourself you have nowhere to go except up as you have already been at the bottom.